“Amatsu is amazing! Thanks to Monika's unbelievable skills I averted a hip surgery last month! I had seriously reduced mobility in my hip as a result of an injury sustained 5 years ago. I was told by an orthopaedic surgeon that I will need a surgical procedure to somewhat improve my mobility. I had 7 or 8 sessions with Monika and was told on the day of the operation to go home because my improvement was so spectacular that I didn't need the procedure 'for the foreseeable future'....how amazing is that?! Thank you sooo much, Monika!”

Aleksandra Kowalska

“I was treated by Monika in summer 2013. I am an ageing rugby player and have been suffering persistent injuries in my legs for the past couple of years, specifically in my calves, hamstrings and groin. After the treatment I noticed a marked improvement in my levels of endurance compared to immediately previous levels.”

Jamie O'Brien

“I came to Monika having had a limp for 3 months and after one session I walked away all straightened up. Will definitely be back for more.”

Shane Malone

“As I have an office work and spend 75% of my day behind the desk, I had quite strong back and shoulders pains. After Monika’s treatments there’s so much improvement to quality of my life that I will definitely go back for more. Every time I’m on my session I feel really safe and well looked after.”

Honorata Kitzman

“In 2012 I started experiencing severe pain on my hip. The doctors saw in a scan that one of my spine vertebras slipped forward. They told me there was no treatment for that and only pain killers would sort my pain out. I visited an orthopaedic doctor, chiropractic, osteopath and even a podologist. None of them helped me as Monica is doing now with Amatsu. I can really feel my pain is diminishing and my hip is getting back to its natural position. I can’t recommend Monica highly enough!”

Esther Mas

“Absolutely brilliant! Monika is friendly, intuitive and professional therapist. Was very impressed with her knowledge.Highly recommended!”

Linda Legzdina

“A very Interesting form of therapy. Monika's 'adjustment' is like fine tuning; like a touch of a butterfly; It's gentle yet powerful. You will be amazed that you will feel differently after just one session.. the body seems to find itself in a new position.. It's like learning to walk again. An experience well worth trying.”

Marta Lukaszewicz

“I attended Monika’s clinic regularly during my pregnancy. The difference it made to how I felt after each treatment was incredible. I was lucky that I didn’t suffer from anything in particular, but the extra weight definitely took its toll and left me feeling achy and exhausted. Getting onto the table for a treatment was a struggle! But so worth it! I left every treatment feeling immeasurably better having being given back the correct posture by Monika, something not to be underestimated at the best of times but particularly during pregnancy when it’s really challenged! It was also so beneficial to my mental health during the pregnancy to take that time out every month and relax whilst Monika worked her magic! I say magic, but it’s not. Monika is extremely knowledgeable about what she’s doing, what’s wrong with the body and what it needs. I wanted to attend Monika’s clinic as close to my delivery date as possible as I believed it would stand to me in labour if my body was in perfect alignment. I visited Monika at 39 weeks and I delivered the baby that night! I had a natural, complication free delivery and I’ve no doubt that Monika’s treatments contributed to that. Needless to say I was back in with her a few weeks after I had the baby and the baby is now also a lifelong client of hers!”

Mary Martin