Nika Ros

Amatsu Orthopath, BA (Hons)
Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Therapist.

Registered with:

AOA (Amatsu Orthopathic Association) –
DOC (Democratic Orthopathic Council) –
ROSTI – Register of Orthopaedic and soft tissue therapists Ireland –


Exec committee /Board of Directors of The AOA – Teaching team at the DaghdaSynergy Amatsu Practitioner
Training Academy.

During my personal pursuit of the most balanced, healthiest and enriched lifestyle. I have studied and currently practice advanced yoga and maintain a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle.

My journey was significantly enriched when I discovered Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy, to such an extent that I moved away from a very successful career in the financial sector to the privileged position of performing Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy treatments as a qualified Amatsu therapist.

I have discovered that Amatsu offers the client the opportunity move away from an injury, condition or disease in a deliberate and structured way very successfully. The human body is an amazing piece of engineering – I firmly believe we owe it to ourselves to keep it well, fit and balanced. Essentially running as smoothly as nature intended.

The knowledge gained on my Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy studies in the Daghda Synergy training school combined with my own life experience gives me access to an understanding of client’s needs and a clear route to a resolution for them. I pride myself on working with the client to empower them to become part of the programme of treatment. By educating them on the contribution that they can make to their own recovery, thus stabilising them, resulting in restoration of function, reduction of pain, inflammation and a return to good health