Covid Information

What do you need to do once you have a booking made?
We will send you an e mail when your booking is made with bullet points on it. Which are the rules that we shall follow, so that we maintain best practice in observing social distance and maximum clinical hygiene.
You will need to reply to this e mail – you can cut and paste the paragraph from the e mail into your reply and finish with your full name.

Once we have this on record, we can with delight accept you into the clinic.

Here are the requirements that we shall work together to achieve and your statement is declaring knowledge, understanding and agreement with.

  • Clients are expected to be Covid-19 free to the best of their knowledge.
  • Clients are expected to operate best practice on route to clinic and to remain as protected as possible from any Covid-19 threat.
  • Clients must arrive to the practice alone – no guests will be permitted to attend or wait in the common areas of the practice. (Exceptional extenuating circumstances will be considered)
  • Clients should have their own mask to wear in the clinic – If you have no mask we will arrange a mask for you at a cost of €5.00 which you may keep for further use.
  • Clients may not enter the clinic any earlier than 5 min in advance of their treatment.
  • New Clients – can arrive 10 min prior to the treatment if they have not filled out their screening form at home and need a paper copy at the clinic – the clinic PA can advise on this matter.
  • You will need to open the exterior door your self after being buzzed in – the interior door will be open for you.
  • You will be required to either sterilise your hands or wash them with the antibacterial soap in the restroom area.
  • We have a hand dryer that the filter is cleaned with UV light at regular intervals.
  • There are 3 metal chairs in the hall spaced apart – choose one and keep your personal affects beside you. When you are welcomed into the clinic this chair will be wiped down in advance of the next client.
  • On entering the clinic you will be directed to hang your coat in a particular place and to a chair to leave your personal affects on a paper towel.
  • The clients shoes will be left just inside the clinic treatment room door – NOT to be removed in the hallway.
  • Concluding the treatment you will be required to vacate the facility in reasonable time – using toilet facility and washing hands will be the the only reason to remain inside the building.


The Practice and the Modality that we will employ for you.

  • I shall be wearing PPE equipment
  • My hands shall be washed and or sterilised
  • Any pen or paperwork that must be used will be taken from a sterile environment.
  • I will insure the place you sit in the hall is cleaned between each visitor as is the place to hang your coat.
  • The treatment table is covered in an antibacterial PVC – plus will be sprayed down and cleaned between each client.
  • The handling of money will be conducted at the end and the client will also be directed to the wash hand basin post treatment.
  • The environment will be ionised with negative ions (which is the best ionic environment for you), plus shall have an active air filter.


I and we will observe every possible and reasonable measure to insure the best possible environment to deliver your Amatsu Orthopathic Treatment. Getting you on track to your best health and well-being.